As we adjust to life with COVID-19, citizens require a trustworthy and intuitive resource for accessing test information, including test centres locations and online bookings. 

ROQU Group, the creators behind Health Passport Worldwide, approached us about designing and developing a secure platform to help make the whole testing process as easy as possible. To do this, the user experience needed to be simple and intuitive to ensure it could be used by all age groups without any difficulty. 

Additionally, the website needed to allow test centres to register so that they could receive bookings, making it the go-to source for both citizens and test facilities.


Total Digital collaborated with the client’s internal team to apply the EasyTest Brand ID to the User Interface of the new website.

We carefully considered technical requirements from a user and test facility perspective and delivered a beautifully designed website that simply displays all necessary information without any distractions, allowing users to find what’s relevant and take action. 

The platform provides a one-stop-shop for booking various kinds of COVID-19 tests, connecting users with test centres in the closest location available, in a simple and intuitive way.

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