Technology has a key role to play in the global battle against Covid-19 and Health Passport Worldwide was designed to do just that.

With restrictions increasingly impeding our return to life, our client ROQU Group, approached us about developing a digital platform to help protect society and the economy, allowing us to safely return to normal activities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

There was no time to waste. This was a project of international importance, with ambitious timelines and the potential to make a really positive impact on our local and global community. We knew we had to deliver well and deliver fast to meet this challenge head on


We dug deep and worked really hard to deliver the platform in a very short timescale.

The system combines accurate testing with a mobile application and is designed to support all official COVID-19 tests, including HSE tests, lab swabs and the latest rapid testing solutions.

After being tested, people can download the app and get quick and easy access to their test results on their mobile device. This can be digitally scanned at a safe distance to help people to go about our daily activities in a safer way, with unlimited use scenarios across industries, putting a robust and secure solution in place where none currently exists.