Zenair is a trading name for Zehnacker Ireland, a leading healthcare company providing a wide range of services & products to hospitals and clinics across Ireland.

The client approached us about developing a microsite for ActivePure®, an innovative range of air purification solutions designed to make indoor spaces safer.

Unlike most air purification solutions which trap pathogens but fail to destroy them, ActivePure® Technology eliminates viruses and bacteria with active particles reducing the risk of infection in indoor spaces within minutes.



Scientifically proven to reduce harmful contaminants including Covid 19 both in the air and on the surfaces, this was a simple project with the potential to make a really big impact.

Time was of the essence so we quickly got to work to bring out key product features, use case scenarios and letting science speak for itself through the use of graphs, videos and lab test results.

A truly agile project delivery and strong client relationship helped us focus on key priorities to allow us to deliver the site in a matter of weeks, enabling an important step in the fight against Covid 19.

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