Weirs & Sons


Our client’s objectives were:

Revamp website design, making it visually more appealing and more intuitive to use and navigate

Streamline online payments user journeys, making the process easier and faster

Improve ability to display more products without impacting site performance

This presented several challenges based on the vast amount of information that had to be migrated, which included web pages, products, registered customers and existing orders.


In order to understand the best approach, we undertook a full review of the existing eCommerce solution and documented all the various components, extensions, customisations and integrations.

We then migrated their existing website and ecommerce platform from Magento 1 to Magento 2 enabling them to display more products while reducing loading times, improving site performance and helping them manage their store better by making it more efficient.

Mobile optimisation was also carried out to allow users to interact with the site on their device of choice.



More users


Online Transactions


Mobile Users

Weir and Sons had a significant impact on both traffic and online sales since going live last June attracting more users.

Customers are engaging with more content
on the site and transacting in higher volumes in line with Weirs’ goals and expectations.

Due to the increased traffic and online transactions it was also noted that there was an increase of mobile users on the site.