who we are

We are a digital agency specialising in crafting products and experiences that deliver results.

We help clients reach their full potential through continuous improvement, leveraging digital to make every aspect of what they do easier, faster, cheaper and more profitable. We offer sound advice, creative flair, expert development and professional support.

Our process is collaborative and combines your business knowledge with our expertise; a perfect blend of skills and resources designed to deliver results.


Thoughtful partnerships will always create stronger teams. And when we work together we’re much more than the sum of our parts.


We understand business challenges and can help you move the dial by crafting digital products and experiences that deliver results


We’ve been crafting user focused digital products and experiences since 1999

We are digital pioneers, proud of our past and excited about our future. We are problem solvers, designers, strategists, project managers and developers who believe in partnering with clients to deliver impact and drive growth.

Whether you're looking to define your Digital Strategy, launch a new product or improve an existing one, we can help.



Paul Doherty


Christopher Carroll


Christian Byrne

Account Manager

Manuela Savini

Marketing Manager

Liam Twomey

Head of Production

Michele Oliveira

Quality Assurance Engineer

Anthony O'Rourke

Head of UX/UI

Richard Curry

Senior UX/UI Designer

Denis Mikhailau

Software Developer

Juan Carlos

Software Developer

Aleksei Jusev

Software Developer

Artem Khalansky

Software Developer

Łukasz Górski

Software Developer

Eoin Hamilton

Business Development and Marketing Support

Baptiste Zanin

UX/UI Designer

Gordon Toal

Project Manager


We are based in The Digital Hub, the largest cluster of digital companies in Ireland.


Our values

We believe in partnerships. Technology changes constantly, everything around us evolves but thoughtful partnerships will always create stronger teams. Our clients know this already but if you never worked with us before, this is what you can expect:

  • 1

    Collaboration - We pull together to get things done and deliver impact. We help each other out regardless of roles and responsibilities because we share the same vision and together we add more value.

  • 2

    Commitment - We roll up our sleeves and hold ourselves accountable to the commitments we make to each other and to our clients so that they can count on us to deliver results.

  • 3

    Passion - Our passion for Digital challenges us and motivates us. It doesn't make work effortless, it makes it worthwhile. Our work is an extension of ourselves so we do it with passion and pride.

  • 4

    Continuous Improvement - This is our mindset for growth on a personal and professional level. We constantly push ourselves and our clients to implement positive incremental changes that deliver impact and drive growth.