Procon Modular

Off-Site Manufactured Building Solutions


With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, Procon Modular is a leading provider of Irish-manufactured off-site modular building solutions.

Their recent challenge was to revamp their website to reflect the high level of professionalism synonymous with Procon’s products. The new site had to highlight the exceptional quality and consistency of their solutions while showcasing their process from concept-design to manufacture and delivery. In addition, the website needed to educate end-users on the numerous benefits of modular building, particularly its sustainability as a building solution for the future.


Firstly, we completed a competitor analysis, persona definition, brand identity review, and risk assessment. During this exercise, we surfaced business objectives and website priorities with a key focus on providing customised solutions with a personal touch.

We then leveraged interactive visuals, illustrations, and virtual walkthroughs to showcase the benefits and process of Procon’s modular solutions and bring the products to life with detailed case studies.

Finally, we used feathered enquiry forms and gated brochures for lead generation, enticing users to provide data to access engaging content. We also implemented a secure portal where logged-in customers can request inspections and provide feedback allowing Procon to build relationships and gain insights into new product development opportunities, leading to Continuous Improvement.

Bespoke design

Key features


We used interactive illustrations and visuals to highlight the process and the benefits of modular building.


We implemented gated brochures to increase data capture and lead generation and enticed users to take action.


We added a dedicated section on sustainability to highlight the benefits of modular buildings as a sustainable solution for the future.


We integrated interactive virtual walkthrough tours to give customers the opportunity to discover Procon’s solution in more detail.

Responsive Design

Brand Identity

Throughout the design phase of the project, we explored the Procon brand identity.

We chose blues and grays to serve as a backdrop for strong project and product photography, and used Walkway sans serif as the primary font to reflect modernity and quality.

This was a brand evolution rather than revolution, updating and improving the current brand to keep it fresh and relevant, while maintaining its core elements and values.

Colour Palette


The future is modular! Procon Modular Building solutions are now showcased through a distinctive and engaging online experience, highlighting their exceptional features and benefits.

Key results include:

  • Enhanced Business Profile – the site has improved how Procon is perceived as a business by showcasing the quality and the professionalism of the solutions on offer
  • Improved Customer Experience – new and existing customers can access helpful information and engaging content easily and intuitively.
  • Increased Lead Generation – gated content provides opportunities for data capture, generating business development opportunities.