Shortlisted for 2 Spiders Awards 2022


Managing a build is a complex matter. With multiple stakeholders and moving parts in several locations, things can get disjointed pretty quickly: data can be hard to trace & access, which slows down productivity, and health & safety compliance can be compromised.

When everything is disconnected, owner-operators face the challenge of making big decisions on environmental, safety, and productivity matters with limited access to data and multiple sources of truth, putting projects, people, and the environment at risk.

Fexillon supports Owner Operators with the delivery and management of buildings and Infrastructure from Strategy to Operations and approached us about designing their desktop and mobile application to ensure it was delivered in line with best practice user-centric design standards.

The Solution

A well-designed digital product doesn’t just function. It meets users’ needs by solving their problems and by making their lives easier, allowing them to take action and perform tasks seamlessly and intuitively.

Fexillon quickly understood that good design matters and approached us about designing UX/UI for both the desktop and mobile applications with a view to making the product stand out from the competition and ensuring it was accessible and intuitive.

To do this, we carried out discovery workshops to unpack business objectives and user needs and utilised these to create data-led experiences. Our initial focus was on removing complexity and ambiguity to improve the overall user experience and simplify user journeys across all stages of the project life cycle, making every step intuitive and effortless along the way.

As part of the company rebrand, we collaborated closely with the creative guys at CI Studio, to interpret the new brand guidelines and apply them to the UX/UI of the platform and App.


Fexillon has experienced significant growth over the past year and the feedback from users, analysts and investors has been overwhelmingly positive.

Shortlisted for Best in Universal Design and Digital Transformation in Industry and Infrastructure at the Spider Awards 2022, the app has the potential to create increasing value and efficiencies as it scales through the insights and learning it provides across the entire ecosystem by making data, resources, and people more accessible to each other at every step of the way.