Metal Detectors


Garrett Metal Detectors are a US based company and a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of metal detection products for the security, hobby/sport, and countermine/ERW markets.  

Total Digital and Design Partners collaborated to design and develop a new website and software installer for their latest innovative Garrett Apex metal detector.

The goal was to create a leading edge platform that would consolidate their position as market leader by providing a superb user experience for customers to update and upgrade their metal detectors. 

Discovery and Research

We kicked off with research and ran a series of workshops, user interviews and tests to understand the metal detecting market and customer demands in more detail.

Armed with a solid understanding of business goals, customers and competitors, we progressed to define user journeys, wireframes, and low fidelity prototypes that ultimately led to

our product roadmap, setting strategic direction for product development.

Through the discovery process we also got to know each other better, and formed a solid partnership with the Garrett technical team and Design Partners, improving the quality of our by making it more efficient (and more enjoyable too!).

The Solution

Simplicity is always our mantra. And the platform had to be easy to use to cater for all users’ profiles, whose knowledge varied significantly. So we ensured a seamless user experience by making product updates as simple and intuitive as a smartphone’s and integrated with user-friendly step-by-step guides to explain the download and installation process.

We also created an online community to enable users to share recommendations on custom settings and rate their update experience, allowing Garrett to engage with the metal detecting community and gaining insights into preferences and future demands.


The new platform consolidates Garrett’s position as market leader by providing a superb user experience for customers who can update and upgrade their metal detectors easily & intuitively. This has allowed Garret to surge ahead of their competitors, with a unique offering that truly stands out, bringing them closer to their customers with a lively online community that provides insights into their preferences and behaviours while generating brand advocacy.